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At iBiz Shout-Out, we provide high quality, professional, and fully customized website design services. People visiting your site should leave with a feeling of trust that makes them want to do business with you right away. We understand that every new client we take on has different budgets, needs, and expectations. We consider these when developing your site and match our services to each unique project based on your needs. This includes website lay out, formatting, and understanding what you, our client, wants to effectively present.

Quality of workmanship and design are paramount in our philosophy. We take great pride in the compliments that we receive from our clients. We try to tailor every client's site to match the unique look and feel of their specific business. We also understand that "complicated" sites loose the interest of visitors quickly and make sure that the website's navigation is easy and intuitive with all links to each page's information working efficiently and conveniently.

We understand that every client is different in their needs, wants, and goals. During the interviewing process, we ascertain what services and design options would be best for what they are looking for. We, then, provide reasonable quotes based on their requirements and budget to effectively provide them with a high quality site they will be proud to showcase.

We do our best to provide the best possible website for you with the look and layout you need and want. We will continue to modify your initial page design until it is exactly what you want at no extra cost.

We Handle It All
We understand that a business owner should have but one focus: running their business. When it comes to their website, or anything related to it, we handle it all. We feel that the least we can do is give our clients the confidence that we will do everything necessary to get their website beautifully designed and ready to go. Here is a list of just some of what we take care of for your clients:

•Custom website Design
•Domain registration
•Hosting set up
•E-Mail set up
•Website Training
•On Site Photograph
•On Site Videography
•Content Management Systems
•Search Engine Optimization
•Google Places set up
•Video, Flash animation & multimedia
•Mobile website development
•Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Set up
•And Much more...
Websites are a visual representation of information for people to explore and learn. That being said, the graphics that make up said website have to be great for it to be effective. With over 20 years of graphic designing experience, the latest software at our fingertips, and a brilliant artist at the helm, You can be sure that all imagery and layouts will be top notch. This extends to our printed materials as well.
Have an important stage show or seminar that you need a highly dynamic and colorful presentation for? Let us know. We can help. We use Keynote to create powerful PowerPoint presentations for your products and services. Let us help make your presentation stand out and be remembered.
In addition to the plethora of services we offer, we will help you out with printed material to promote your business as well. Everything you can imagine from posters and banners to mugs and tee-shirts. All our rates are competitive and discounted for website clients. Even if you don't have a website with us, we would still love to help you out. Give us a call if you need or want something.
The same brilliant artist that does the graphic designing also uses his talents to take stunning photos of your business location, products, and interior. Whatever is needed to augment the content on your site. He will stage items to achieve maximum effect and focus on what defines your business to better illustrate what your business is about on your website. Not a client? Not a problem. He is also for hire for events and whatever you might need.
Have an old photo that needs some love? We do that too. Using the same tools to spruce up your site, we also will repair old photos and restore them to like-new condition. Now you can show off your old photo albums with pride.
With all the advertising bombarding our senses these days, it's important to stand out and make an impression. Video provides multiple ways for someone to remember you with sound as well as visual stimuli. We use the latest industry standard video editing software for high end video production for your website, YouTube, DVDs, and even TV commercials. Our rates are very competitive and are worth checking out. As with many of our services, you don't have to be a client of ours for us to help.
Having trouble with your technology? Can't set up email on your iPad or iPhone? Maybe you just want to know how to watch the latest cat video on YouTube. We can help with that too.