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Edward Kim - Founder, Co-owner, Digital Visual Designer. A Korean-American, born in the mid 70's in San Francisco, CA, Edward had become passionate about visual design at an early age when he first acquired an Apple IIGS during the mid 80's. One of his first creations was a stop sign that he printed on his dot matrix color printer for his father. He taped it to a wall by his father's bed side to encourage him to stop smoking. After a short while it worked. His father quit smoking and to this day he has not smoked again.

   Now a seasoned digital multimedia design specialist, Edward is going on 18 years of experience with digital graphic design and manipulation. This includes photography, videography and editing, visually creative website design and digital animation. He is mostly self taught and continues to learn and experiment with all things digital. He majored in digital multimedia design in college.

   He takes pride in, and enjoys, making clients smile and feel proud about their marketing efforts both online and offline. He started iBiz Shout-Out as a means to provide these services to others. Clients enjoy Edward's responsiveness when it comes to support for changes they want made immediately to their website. Customer service, prompt resolution, quality production, professional service and reasonable cost is very important to Edward and he believes is the key to long term retention of clients and the basis for a strong relationship.

   Aside from being visually creative, Edward enjoys the casual things in life as well. Now residing in beautiful Bellngham, WA within the Pacific Northwest, he mixes in mountain biking, body weight training to keep in good physical shape, throwing Frisbees, skiing, and hobbies such as paper and plastic model crafting. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with his beloved, loving fiancĂ© Tiffani. Tiffani also helps with iBiz Shout-Out. She helps with things like social media management or anything else the firm needs.

Kent Torkelson - Co-owner, Programmer, Information Technology Specialist. Born in the late 70's in Seattle, WA, Kent grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Starting at a young age, he had a knack for technology. He could fix anything electronic by taking it apart and putting it back together. He would also gain understanding of how things worked, which contributed to him learning and understanding about computers and how to assemble them. That, naturally, led to learning, as a young child, how to program computers even before the internet was around in the late 80's.

   Kent met Edward during the last 3 years of high school in California. They both graduated and continued to enjoy their friendship for a few years before Edward moved away from California. Then after almost 10 years, Edward ended up in Bellingham. Edward presented to Kent the idea of working with him for iBiz Shout-Out as a programmer/IT guy. Kent saw this as an opportunity to finally fulfill his dream of moving back up to the North West. So, Kent quit his job and relocated to Bellingham.

   After 5 years of working together, building up the firm, and Kent honing his programming skills, they both continue to grow iBiz Shout-Out in order to provide the quality services that they demand for their clients around Bellingham, and abroad. They have a saying: "Edward makes things pretty while Kent makes them functional". If any client is in need of resolving PC related and networking issues, Kent is usually there to save the day, providing more technical computer services whenever necessary.

   When he is not busy keeping up with the programming projects of iBiz Shout-Out, he is enjoying his evenings battling it out on online military war games with his friends. He occasionally will go on off-roading trips with his trusty Toyota Tacoma named Jack out on the open trails of beautiful Mount Baker. Every now and then Kent and Edward will go to local parks to throw a Frisbee back and forth.

Frank Scarpa - Accountant.